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Our Terms are clear, fair and easy to understand

key: GWT = Google Webmaster Tools. GA = Google Analytics. Us/We = Liverpool Web / Pete Duffy. You = Your organisation/invoice payer/customer

As with everything we like to keep things simple and easy to understand and we believe our terms and conditions are just that. If you do not agree to them then unfortunately we cannot work for/with you and you must let us know prior to starting any campaign, be it SEO, PPC, Web Design or generally anything we offer.

Any proposal or quote accepted by you/your organisation that we have sent is bounded by these terms. If you are unsure, just call us on 0151 329 2988.

OK, so lets break things down by services provided

All works done are controlled by Pete Duffy, trading as Liverpool Web.

  • SEO Campaigns: This is a search engine optimisation campaign in which we will attempt to improve your keyword rankings which should help drive more traffic to your site. We cannot, will not and never promise to send more traffic to your site, this is down to the search engines such as Google, however in theory the better placed your websites keywords are, the more clicks you should receive.
  • Google adwords management: We will setup, manage and maintain your GAW account. If using your GAW account funds will need to be added by you. If using our GAW account we will invoice you prior to this. We will also invoice you our monthly cmanagement fee prior to starting any work.
  • Website Audit: We will conduct a full and honest evaluation of your website. Sometimes we use reporting and audit software and general Google searches to help us with this. We are responsible for deliverables. This is a free service for anyone requested however we will check to see if anyone is submitting fake requests, if so their IP addresses will be reported to Google.
  • Reporting: We will setup and provide access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. You can access anytime and see for yourself your website visitors, goal conversions and keyword rankings which come in via Google Webmaster Tools. Typically keyword rankings are up to 7 days old and update weekly.
  • E-marketing: We mainly use www.Mailchimp.com. We will setup an account for you however any payments for the account (if allocated email send exceeded) will need to be paid by you/your organisation. We will create/design a campaign(s) and also a design(s). Once done we can either hand over or manage and this will be agreed at the start of. All setup and design work is subject to be paid 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.
  • Hosting: Website hosting is something we provide. This depends on the size of your website and how many visitors you receive. An agreed rate will be charged each month prior to hosting. As per payments below, if payment not met after 28 days hosting will be suspended which could interfere with emails. Liverpool Web do not permit 3rd party backlinks on any hosted site without express permission.
  •  Web Design / development We only use open source software such as WordPress or Opencart (unless specifically requested). As a website is developed it might be that we use a pre-designed theme or template and add images/text on the site. We will however agree what is on the site first with you and any images/content on the site will have your agreement. In no way are we responsible for copyright infringements. Until the website is 100% paid for we will not release site files, site access, SQL database or FTP information. Once all payments are made by you/your organisation for the website it is agreed that you are satisfied and you then are 100% responsible for it’s upkeep / copyright unless agreed with us.


  • As per our agreed and signed proposal we expect full payment to be made. This would either be upfront or on completion if design work is done or upfront if it’s a monthly campaign of any sort. SEO and PPC campaign terms are priced per customer. Typically we ask for a 4 months agreement for a local marketing campaign (eg) targeting agreed keywords just for one city or town, while we ask for 5-6 months for a national campaign. Following this time period all customers would automatically enter into a rolling month-to-month agreement with a minimum of 1 month to be served as a cancellation for any ongoing services.


  • If payment is not made within 28 days and work has been completed as agreed we reserve the right to charge an initial late payment fee of £45. If any outstanding payments are not made within another 28 days a further charge of £90 will be added to your account and all work stopped. If after 7 further days you have not settled any moneies owing your account will be passed to a collection agency. *None of this is what we want and only in extreme circumstances will this ever happen. 

Payment methods:

  • We prefer to take payments using Direct Debit via my provider Go Cardless, see www.gocardless.com. You are protected by a Direct Debit guarantee. I offer a £10 discount either for one-off or monthly payments if paying via Direct Debit. If you choose to pay another way (such as bank transfer or standing order) you must pay on time (see payments) and will not receive a £10 discount.

14 day Cooling of Period:

  • You have 14 days to change your mind re any work or contracts.
  • On the 15th day we will email you to confirm this period has elapsed.
  • If you choose to forgo your right of a 14 day cooling off period please do so by sending an email to peter@liverpoolweb.co.uk.

Refund Policy:

Should you not be satisfied with any of the services provided please email in to peter@liverpoolweb.co.uk and tell us your concern. All attempts will be made to resolve. If we are running a marketing campaign such as SEO, PPC you have access to a reporting area which is clear and transparent. A refund for SEO or PPC is not something we offer however if you are dis-satisfied with our work and in a contract or rolling month-to-month you are free to walk away without any charges.


So there you have it folks, we think these terms are fair and easy. The upshot is the team at Pete Duffy will put the work in and you just need to pay on time. If you feel that our services are not working for you please just call us or email us at peter@liverpoolweb.co.uk and we will do our best to work around any issues.