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  • Pete Duffy

    Local SEO Marketing

    Many years ago, people would access Google and simply search for what they thought that were looking for, hairdressers, furniture shops, restaurants etc. This was fine but they pretty quickly came the realisation that they would then need to add Read more…

  • guide to online business reviewsPete Duffy

    How Local Business Reviews Can Revolutionise Your Online Presence

    Local businesses used to thrive on word of mouth and good positioning. In the digital era, however, this isn’t always enough to beat the competition, so a digital presence is essential to success. Good online presence for a small business Read more…

  • outsourced seo v in-house seoPete Duffy

    In-House SEO vs Outsourced SEO

    Much like the age old question ‘who would win in a fight between Batman & Superman’ the same can be asked when it comes to SEO. Do you employ in-house or do you outsource?? Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!! If Read more…

  • Pete Duffy

    Google Maps Top 3

    Google now only showing top 3 map placements. Yikes! Google does like to move the goal-posts doesn’t it. As if things weren’t difficult enough, big G has now decided to show the top 3 (a,b,c) results when doing a local Read more…

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