Marketing and SEO Reporting

Your campaigns reporting is clear, precise and accessible 24/7 via Google Analytics.

  • Reporting Google Analytics


    247 access to key Google Analytics data including visitor stats, goals completed and useage metrics.

  • Reporting Keyword Rankings


    Real time keyword rankings for Google, Google Maps and Adwords. Check by the hour, week or month.

  • Reporting Social Metrics

    Social Stats

    Login anytime and see how effective your brand is on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

  • "I love the simple interface that allows me to login and see in real-time how my website is performing on Google."

Reporting Google Analytics

Google Analytics data feed

Before anything we’ll setup a customised dashboard in Google Analytics that lets quickly see the data that is important to you. Site visits, time on site, social visits, goal conversions, nothing is missed and in no time you’ll be abl to navigate around Google Analytics as if you are a seasoned SEO pro.

Lots of SEO companies give you access to their own ‘white-label’ reporting area, and while this works for them we’d much rather you found out how your site is performing on Google FROM Google. #fromTheHorsesMouth

Reporting Keyword Rankings

Keyword Rankings

One of the first things we’ll agree on is keywords and when logged in to  our system you’ll be able to see for yourself your rankings for each keyword we are targeting.

Depending on how often Google index/visit your site Google will update keyword rankings update 2-4 times per month. Sure we could give you daily rankings but the reality is that it’s best to measure success every 2-4 weeks. Typically we’ll email you your keyword rankings each month however you can request this anytime should you wish.

Reporting Social Metrics

Social Metrics

Likes, tweets, shares, posts, the list goes on. The reality is that real social signals help your business two-fold.

One, you’re getting quality backlinks back to your website from real people and two, your business is getting more exposure.

We use Hootsuite and provide detailed reports for our social marketing customers. *You can also view social metrics within the Google Analytics dashboard that we’ll setup for you.

Reporting Adwords

At anytime you are able to login to Google Adwords and see for yourself what has been spent (as per budget), how many clicks you’ve received and what conversions your website has received.

You can also login to the client portal area and cross-reference Google Adwords to site visitors and Goal Completions.

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