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Each site is different so it’s impossible to answer. Different markets, different competitors, different user trends on Google and so on. Rest assured as your SEO my #1 objective is to get your site on Page 1 asap, and when it is there move it up as high as possible.

C’mon, anyone reputable would not publish an SEO price without knowing more about your website, market and competitors. Rest assured I am competitive and back everything up with an SEO money back promise.

Most people that ask this want to know if I am a ‘white hat’ SEO and the answer is YES, of course. I DO NOT cut corners, I DO NOT build bad backlinks and I DO NOT take on customers just to earn a couple of months money. I’ve done this for a long time and know the only way to get found at the top of Google is by hard work. Rest assured you’re in very safe hands.

It just depends on how competitive (a) your market is and (b) your target keywords are, and usually the two go together to be honest. I do SEO the right way and it isn’t an overnight job, however if it’s important you have a top placement on Google asap then Google Adwords is a great option. Have a look at my GAW page and see for yourself what I can do.

As it stands I’m Consultant SEO based in Liverpool. I am not a big company however I am contracted by a good few big SEO agencies in the UK to do their work in their name. I have an in-house team here in Liverpool that follow my instructions and they help with content, link building and website maintenance. I work for customers all around the UK and take pride in speaking with each customer on a weekly basis.

No matter if we agree a 3, 6, 9 or however many months contract I always give new customers a 14 day cooling off period to change their minds. If after 14 days you change your mind for whatever reason you are free to walk away with no hard feelings. There is NO cancellation however the money paid for work planned in non-refundable.

Page 1 of Google, that’s the bottom line for me. As I mention more than a few times on my site I offer a money back promise which means I’ll refund you if I fail.

Yes. As I need to be able to update your site and make it search engine and user friendly I am able to do this. I have 2 developers that work for me in-house and can either build a new website from scratch or re-design your existing one. If you want a new site rest assured it is developed to be found by a search engine.