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  • Beginners guide to Mailchimp - By Rebecca HodsonPete Duffy

    Mailchimp For Beginners-From A Beginner

    Mailchimp can be a useful tool for any business, but it can also be quite confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. I have recently ventured into using Mailchimp and thought it would be useful to share my experience Read more…

  • Improving click through rate made simplePete Duffy

    Improving click through rate; the power of Schema

    It’s time to learn the importance of Schema markup! What Schema markup is, what it does, the benefits Schema may bring to your business and how you can use Schema for improving click through rate to your website? Ever wondered Read more…

  • Pete Duffy - Digital Agency LiverpoolPete Duffy

    A Digital Agency in Liverpool – that’s us

    Hi, we’re a leading SEO and Digital Agency in Liverpool You’re likely responsible for all things marketing within your business and need the help of a Liverpool Digital Agency, namely a company with roots in Liverpool that can understand what Read more…

  • No Contract SEO - peteduffy.co.uk/no-contract-seoPete Duffy

    No Contract SEO

    No Contract SEO – the way it should be really! If you’re considering another SEO that is insisting on a contract in place, move slowly away! It is 2016 folkes (well at the time of writing anyway) and while I Read more…

  • Facebook's impact on SEOPete Duffy

    How does Facebook impact on SEO

    Learn About Facebook Impact On SEO When using social media and social networks to help market your business a big question is does Facebook impact on SEO? The answer is debatable! Although Facebook social signals don’t directly impact a Google Read more…

  • New Year with New SEO RankingsPete Duffy

    New Year New SEO Rankings

    Get The Best Out Of 2016; New Year with New SEO Rankings It is soon going to be the start of a new year which could mean the start of your online success, think of 2016 as a New Year Read more…

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