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  • improve search engine ranking using google local reviewsPete Duffy

    Do Google local reviews Improve Search Engine Rankings?

    What are Google Local reviews and do they Improve Search Engine Ranking? Google local reviews are local business reviews customers leave to reflect on their past experiences with your business. These local business reviews combined with information displayed on Google Read more…

  • No Contract SEO - peteduffy.co.uk/no-contract-seoPete Duffy

    No Contract SEO

    No Contract SEO – the way it should be really! If you’re considering another SEO that is insisting on a contract in place, move slowly away! It is 2016 folkes (well at the time of writing anyway) and while I Read more…

  • to blog or not to blog is the main question when it comes to creating a blog postPete Duffy

    A blogging discussion; To blog or not to blog

    The Question is to blog or not to blog What is a blog you may ask? Well, blogs are about updating current blogs or adding new material to them. In a blog may topics can be spoken about, places, events, Read more…

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