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  • to blog or not to blog is the main question when it comes to creating a blog postPete Duffy

    A blogging discussion; To blog or not to blog

    The Question is to blog or not to blog What is a blog you may ask? Well, blogs are about updating current blogs or adding new material to them. In a blog may topics can be spoken about, places, events, Read more…

  • Facebook's impact on SEOPete Duffy

    How does Facebook impact on SEO

    Learn About Facebook Impact On SEO When using social media and social networks to help market your business a big question is does Facebook impact on SEO? The answer is debatable! Although Facebook social signals don’t directly impact a Google Read more…

  • Choosing the right SEO company is really important and a decision that come come with load of questionsPete Duffy

    Choosing the right SEO Company

    The Best Tips For Hiring An SEO Company When it comes to your online business you obviously want it to be successful and for this to happen you need a good SEO company who knows what they are doing and Read more…

  • website user experience tipsPete Duffy

    Website User Experience Tips

    Sometimes Looks Matter When asking people do looks matter a lot of people will say no, but sometimes looks do matter. When it comes to the design of a website, I couldn’t think of anything more important! It’s enough for Read more…

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