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A Bespoke Marketing Campaign that works

Bespoke Marketing Campaign – as standard!

It is important for you to know that while working on you, be it SEO, E-marketing or PPC, you understand that the work I do for you is 100% unique that follows a well thought bespoke marketing campaign action plan. You are a unique customer in my eyes, I will not copy what another customer has and I will run a 100% unique marketing campaign that results in your business generating more customers on the back of it.

As I have mentioned throughout my site I put alot of work into research, researching your business, your competition and also what your potential customers are searching for. By doing this from the start I will get to understand what makes your business unique and different to the others I work for.

100% unique Bespoke Marketing Campaign – that delivers

I’ve worked as an SEO / Internet Marketing professional for a long time now and during that time have worked in quite a few industries, from Car Garage Repair right through to Back Repair from a Chiropractor, I’ve probably worked within 100 or so industries, however each customer that I audit and hopefully take on receives a bespoke marketing campaign.

  • I do not re-use marketing plans.
  • I do not have a list of sites I only link from.
  • I do treat every customer uniquely.
  • I do look for different backlink targets for each customer.

So there we are. If you are looking for a search marketing specialist then why not give me a call and let me audit your site and demonstrate how I can help your business online.

I’d love to work for you, whether it’s an SEO campaign, PC or something else. Rest assured everything is unique and my bespoke marketing campaigns will get your website found by real customers. You can call me anytime on 03333 442 102 or message me socially on Facebook, Twitter or G+. (all messages are private)

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